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Red Steel Paper Toyo Express Paper, North Vietnam Express Paper Fireproof Express Paper Base Paper

Red Steel Paper Toyo Express Paper, North Vietnam Express Paper Fireproof Express Paper vulcanized fibre; vulcanized paper; industrial paper
Paper made from red steel paper Toyo Kuaipao paper, Beiyue Kuaipao paper fire-resistant Kuaiba paper after being treated with zinc chloride (ZnCl2) solution, and then processed by bonding, desalination and aging, washing and drying, and hot pressing and shaping . It has the characteristics of light weight, solid, good elasticity and high electrical insulation. Divided into hard steel paper and soft steel paper.
Hardened paper
The natural color sulfite chemical wood pulp or cotton pulp is beaten and sizing, without filling (material), and copied on a fourdrinier paper machine. The base paper is immersed with a swelling agent (concentrated zinc chloride solution or copper ammonium solution) to swell and gelatinize the cellulose, and then adhere to the upper layer of the gelatinizer, and then aging and maturation, water immersion desalting, drying and shaping Into steel paper. Generally add red or gray. It is used for the manufacture of various tool gaskets, insulation materials and other parts in the electromechanical and textile industries.
Red steel paper Dongyang express paper, North Vietnam express paper Fireproof express paper is a special paper processed by a special process, and is mostly used as insulation materials and heat insulation materials.
Red steel paper Toyo Express paper, Beiyue Express paper Fireproof express paper is made of cellulose and its derivatives. It is a metal salt-zinc chloride solution that has strong swelling and gelling properties for cellulose. As a treatment agent, the denatured processed paper produced by processing and laminating red steel paper Toyo Express paper and North Vietnam Express paper fireproof Express paper base paper is also called hardened paper.

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