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Slot wedge (made of Toyo Express, North Vietnam Express, Fireproof Express, Red Steel Paper) Insertion process

Groove wedge (made of Toyo Express paper, North Vietnam Express paper, fireproof Express paper, red steel paper) Uses:
The generator slot wedge is used to fix the generator winding. The winding is lowered into the core slot of the generator, and the slot wedge is driven to fix the winding, so as to avoid winding slippage during operation.
The coil and slot in the fixed slot are insulated. To prevent loose coils from damaging the insulation, slot wedges (made of Toyo Express paper, Beiyue Express paper, fireproof express paper, red steel paper) are used to seal the slot openings, compress the insulating paper and the coil to prevent loosening The fixed coil can reduce noise.
Rotor insulation paper (slot wedge) automatic insertion machine insertion process:
The rotor to be inserted is placed on the guide rail, and the following technological actions are automatically completed by the insertion machine,
1. Rolled into a roll of insulating paper to send out a certain length
2. Cut a piece of insulation paper as needed
3. Fold the cut insulation paper with a knife, insert it into the empty slot, and push it into place.
4. Rotate the motor rotor intermittently, and insert the insulation paper of the entire rotor insulation slot.
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